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You Deserve The Best Manpower Agency

We provide you with endless possibilities and unique, yet highly successful and effective recruitment solutions. We are professionals in eliminating guesswork. We select the right person for the right position. We look for the drive, synergy and beliefs in the right people in addition to their education, skills and experience. We look for the determination to succeed in them.


We are your talent scouts, we are going to spot the talents and present them to you. Leave the talent scouting to the professionals. We are going to provide you with endless possibilities for successful recruitment.


We have an extensive database of candidates to offer clients with endless hiring options. Our team has worked together for last 15 years offering expertise knowledge, experience and communication. Millennials at our organization helps us excel in providing innovative, efficient and effective recruitment service to our clients. Our quest for innovation-led culture helps us combine our existing expertise and innovation to provide top-notch service to our clients, both domestic and overseas. Our team is continuously trained to equip themselves with the skills and knowledge to maintain an unmatched service level.

Our Service Offerings


This solution is perfect for those special projects that result in the processing of high volumes of data or information that is required in a short space of time. Our specialist division is made up of a dedicated team of personnel trained in both telephonic and electronic interface.

Bulk Temp/Projects: Sourcing and supplying bulk temp orders at a single client (same scope) for a period longer than 6 months. Employee Leasing
Bulk Perm: Sourcing and supplying bulk candidates to a single client (same scope) i.e. Filling 60 contact center orders at one client.


Sourcing and supplying temporary staff to work either remotely over a large geographical area or in one location. i.e. Stocktaking, Direct Selling Agents or Promotional Agents.

This product normally requires a management system based on the geographical challenges and difficulty in managing temporary staff in far outlying areas.


Our Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) solution enables client organizations to outsource all – or part – of their Business processes including HR, allowing internal staff to focus on core business goals and objectives. Our services enhance talent management, improve productivity and reduce costs.


Our Staff Optimization solution assists client organizations in optimizing employee performance and – in turn – deliver a consistently positive customer experience, which ultimately results in brand loyalty and profits. We and our partners in conjunction with the client analyses current and historical information pertaining to planned and unplanned absenteeism, trends, work load, stats etc. to determine the required Full time employees to either perform an upcoming form of work/division or current project running.